I. Write down the adjectives characterizing people

  1. That person always cries at weddings, in the cinema, while reading a touching story. – Emotional (Sentimental)
  2.  That person never gives presents or buys drinks for others. – Stingy (Cheapskate)
  3. That person is easy to get on with. – Congenial
  4. That person hurts people or animals. – Psychopath
  5. That person always thinks bad things will happen. – Pessimist
  6. That person always thinks good things will happen. – Optimiste
  7. That person makes you yawn.- Boring
  8. That person never thinks about others’ feelings.- Selfish
  9. That person easily makes you laugh. – Funny
  10. That person doesn’t like talking about his/her achievements.- Humble
  11. That person never changes his/her mind even though he/she thinks that he/she is wrong. – Stubborn
  12. That person never smiles. – Serious
  13. That person keeps things tidy. – Clean
  14. That person always arrives late for meetings. – Tardy
  15. That person always keeps his emotions and feelings to himself/herself. – Reserved

II. Here are 12 sentences. Eight sentences have mistakes in them and four sentences are correct. Leave the correct sentences as they are and correct the mistakes in eight sentences.

  1. Do you know what time does the train arrive?– Do you know what time the train arrives?
  2. Tell me what is the problem.- Tell me what the problem is?
  3. Can you tell me where is 5th Avenue?- Can you tell me where the 5th Avenue is?
  4. Could you let us know when he arrives?
  5. Do you know if this is the way to the station?
  6. I’d like to know where is the library. – I’d like to know where the library is?
  7. Could you let us know are you coming?- Could you let us know if you’re coming?
  8. Do you understand what are they saying? – Do you understand what they are saying?
  9. Please tell me who is in charge.
  10. I wonder will it be sunny tomorrow. – I wonder if it will be sunny tomorrow.
  11. I’m trying to find out how much is my electricity bill this month.- I’m trying to find out how much my electricity bill is this month.
  12. Can you tell me where the police station is?

III. Can you contradict me?

The films which were released some 40-50 years ago were much better than modern films.

For them their movies were good but for the new generation those movies don’t reflect the same reality as they did 40-50 years ago.

The songs which were sung some 40-50-60 years ago had melodies in them. You can’t say the same about modern songs.

That statement only comes from someone who doesn’t know the current music industry and also people have their own taste in music.

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