English- Balance in love

I very much liked your ideas Sir.. I agree with everything you wrote, they were very true and relatable. Especially the part where you wrote “Life on our planet physically would be impossible without the nature laws established on it”. Honestly the sentence really speaks for itself.

From my perspective when it comes to well-balanced love it’s different for families, couples and friends.
1) For families, parents have to keep a balanced relationship with both their children and their jobs. So that’s why it’s really difficult for families to have a well-balanced relationship with each other.
2) To have a well-balanced relationship with your partners you have to trust, respect, love, give each other attention and make sure that you’re both feeling comfortable and supported, meanwhile maintaining your independence and trying not to lose yourself in your partner.
3) In friendship we sometimes hurt each other with our mistakes but it’s okay to forgive, because friendship is the second most important thing in our life but just like any other relationship between people in friendship the keeping the moderate distance is the key, just like the saying has it “good fences make good neighbors”
I myself am a very positive person. I try my best to get along with everyone, but it’s not always easy to get along with people, because of our differences. Some people can be rude to you when you’re just trying to create a well-balanced relationship with them. But one thing I know for sure is that no matter who or what tries to take advantage of you and your kindness don’t ever let yourself be used by anyone even when you feel like it’s the only way to have a balanced relationship with everyone.

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